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How to Apply

Eligibility requirements:

  • 18+

  • Live in the City and County of San Francisco, CA

  • Earn less than $600/month

  • Complete and submit the application and provide all supporting documents: release of information, photo ID, proof of residence, income verification.

  • Be willing and able to complete a survey upon enrollment and every 3 months after

For Application Assistance:

Lyon-Martin Economic Empowerment Coordinators


Here are the required documents to apply for the G.I.F.T. program.

Applications will open on November 15, 2022. To apply for the GIFT Program, a prospective applicant must submit the following by the deadline of December 15, 2022:

  •  A completed application form (1)

  • A release of information for GIFT Program information from Lyon-Martin to the Transgender District and the City & County of San Francisco (2)

  •  Photo identification

  •  Income verification documents

    • W2

    • Pay Stubs

    • Bank Statement(s)

    • SSI or SSDI Award Letters

    • CAP Award Letters

    • Student Financial Aid Award Letters

    • Self-Attestation Letter (3)

  • Proof of residency (4)

    • Official Mail

    • Lease

    • Utility Bill (internet, phone, or PGE, etc)

    • Homeless verification letter (from an agency such as shelter, drop in center, social services organization, or healthcare provider)

    • Self-Attestation Letter if no engagement with an agency

Submit Application

Please complete this form and upload your application documents here.

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Application submitted successfully!

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